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"How Long is a record that comes from nowhere and commands your full attention: In a time when superficial attitudes and smartphone fodder dominate, Steven Graves returns us to a time when music held meaning and helped define the times in which we live."


- John Aiello | Electric Review

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Listen to Steven Graves's interview with Dan Grossinger on The Morning Dew.

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Steven Graves’ new album, How Long, is a great mix of rock, country and soul, featuring original material. With one exception, all the songs on this release were written or co-written by Steven Graves. 


- Michael Doherty | Michael Doherty's Music Blog

"Steven, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your latest project How Long. The mixture of different genres of music had my listeners requesting more!  I know this project will be my traveling companion for many months to come."


- Al Shusterman | DJ | KUBU RADIO 96.5 FM | Sacramento 


"Steven, you have recorded a really good album. You are a brilliant musician but beyond the perfect technical aspect of these recordings, both vocally and instrumentally. This album gives the feeling you put your soul in it. There are a lot of influences in your music but you gather them in such an enjoyable and personal way. You seemed to follow the star that allowed you to find a strong musical identity. As a music lover, your music really took me. Merci for this album that really sounds original."


 - Michel Penard | Radio ISA | France